Tip 8: Left Money on the Table? There’s Always Another Opportunity

Sometimes we make a winning trade or investment and cash in, only to see the stock continue to rise, now and again by a lot–meaning we could have made a lot more money. Instead of feeling happy about our success, we feel disappointed about missing out.

At the same time, trading and investing are long games. We’re better off when we follow our strategic plan. The home runs in the game are exciting, but at the end of the year winning comes down to consistency.

Also, the great thing about the market is that there are so many financial vehicles (stocks, ETFs/ETNs, REITs, Options, etc.) in so many areas (specific companies, sectors, commodities, currency, etc.) that there is always, always another opportunity to make money. Missing out doesn’t have to last longer than a day.

You can find those opportunities. Many base hits that follow your game plan rather than a few unexpected home runs will make you feel mighty good.


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